09 November 2015 @ 08:15 am
I mean: Happy Monday!!!!!!

So much going on today.

Posting is on at [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest
And at [ profile] interhouse_fest
And prompting is open at [ profile] hp_goldenage!

And today is submission day at [ profile] hd_erised. :D

I'm nervous and excited! \o/

But I figured we could do with a little laugh, yes? So I thought to share this stuff that made me go LULZ forever, with you. :D

Have a laugh! <3 )

You've probably seen them all, but come on, they are funny! :D
12 July 2014 @ 08:10 am
Dear [ profile] eidheann_writes,

I wish I could give you all the things. I wish I was able to write you the best story, draw you the best art, make you the fanciest present, if only because maybe that way I would be able to show you how much I love you.

This gift, this incredibly silly thing I did, was made with all my love, hoping that you already know. For you. <3

Title: The Story of Harry & Draco
Author: [ profile] capitu
Rating: PG? R? idek. ^^
Word Count: 100
Summary: One hot, steamy night together, is only the beginning for Harry and Draco. This is the story of that beginning, and it happened on the last day of school.
Warning(s): I'm not sure if this is safe for work. Actually, I'm not sure if this is safe, period. But do enjoy it anyway! Erm, right, warnings: image heavy-ish, AU Hedwing!lives and a smidgen of mpreg.
A/N: Many thanks to my beta [ profile] iwao for all the enthusiasm, for encouraging this madness and for the beta, naturally. She said it was funny and silly in all the right ways so blame her, too, really!

Happy Birthday, M. ♥

The Story of Harry & Draco )
03 June 2014 @ 03:37 pm
A very special date is coming, we couldn't let it pass without celebrating, could we? After much prodding and poking and nudging from [ profile] birdsofshore (there was something of a cat-fight going, "I'll do it!" – "No, I'll do it!" for many days) finally, Announcing Draco's Birthday Party!

Art by [ profile] cremebunny, banner by [ profile] capitu

What's this?
This is the celebration of Draco's birthday!

Who's invited?

Seriously, what is this?
This is us celebrating our amazing, pointy git with anything and everything you can think of to share; drabbles, ficlets, fics, art, finger art, graphics, gifs, recs, lego erotica, macros, mac & cheese messages (I've seen things!), lists (who doesn't love lists??) and anything you can think of. Hey, you can leave a prompt, you can fill a prompt!

All contributions will be loved and adored. ♥

There's no restriction of ships or characterisations. You like leatherpants!Draco, go for it! You like snarky as hell!Draco, take him! You like hung!Draco, GO FOR IT. It's all game. :D

When is this happening?
Right now! The celebration lasts a whole week. Starting today, June 3rd, including the glorious 5th and closing on the 10th. A Master List of Fills will be created as contributions start coming.

How to do it?
Just start a thread in comment form filling the subject line with a title. Ex: Prompt: Draco/The mermaid at the prefect's bathroom, Or Fill: Draco and Harry chasing all the peacocks, Or Draco listing all the way Saint Potter annoys him (you know he loves doing that). Etc. and so on and so forth.

ETA: Remember, can and should cross post your fics/art/contributions to [ profile] slythindor100! <3

ETA: Master List of all contributions so far. And of prompts!

Final ETA: Master List Of Draco's Birthday Party 2014

You're in? OMGYES!!! I mean. SUPER. Let's get this party started! \o/

Help me pimp this thing please! )


The Comment a Thon has come to an end. I had a blast with this. Went absolutely mad! Well, [ profile] birdsofshore and I did and [ profile] traintracks embraced the madness.:D

There were very few Hufflepuffs, but we're diligent and hard workers. And we fight to the BITTER, BITTER END.

And so even if we don't win I think we did REALLY WELL. I'm proud of what we did! Erm, yeah. You might think things, 'crazy' and 'wft!!!!' and 'OMGLOL' but I'm PROUD! Embrace the madness with us! LOL

My final point count is: 687 points made for Fine and Noble House of Hufflepuff. *\o/*

My crazy table of crazy is here: )

I am sad it's over, too. I read really awesome fics, new pairings, new fests, and it was super fun, but I can't wait to know how the rest did. :D
25 April 2014 @ 09:51 am
 photo hpgeneration_zpsa21ba880.jpg

I was going through my favourites HP captions and, God, yes. Always ♥ )
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13 September 2013 @ 10:08 am
And it comes with lots of good news.

First, the new HP movie. Oh, God, the excitement! New canon! New characters! I can't even articulate properly why this makes me so excited. It just does. XD

Is anyone else operating under the assumption he's going to have a hot rival? Or kick ass sidekick? XD

And then! I'm going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! NEXT WEEK. I think I'm using caps locks backwards, here. ^^

I'm leaving next Wednesday (at 3AM—horrors!) and coming back the 29th. I'm going to miss the [ profile] hd_tropes's end of fest & reveals and [ profile] hd_fan_fair's start. But I really can't complain, what with me being at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, yeah?

*happy dance* like that ------> dance

Still! My internet access will be limited, so any of my prompts gets posted while I'm away, please, please, please tell the author I'm not around?

And now; a poll. I'm always wary of making polls because I think no one is going to vote and I'm going to look like a loser. >.< Oh, ~paranoia.

[Poll #1933777]

Sooooo. Are you already casting Newt Scamander in your head? Who did you cast?

And just for reference, here's Newt Scamander's chocolate Frog image:
Sexy! )
10 September 2013 @ 08:35 am
It's been a few years since [ profile] marguerite_26 made the Self Pimping Rec List and I've been dying to know what authors & artists consider Fandom New Favourites from their point of view.

So, with [ profile] marguerite_26's permission I want to invite you to the 2013's Self Pimping Rec List!

banner by [ profile] capitu

THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SHYNESS! Tuck it away, pimp yourself, and come to tell us what is your best work, which story/art are you most proud of and which one you consider fan's favourite.

All pairings and genres are welcome!

…What was that? You have other fandoms that you write for? Perfect! Don't let the banner fool you. ALL fandoms are welcome here! Feel free to fill this with all the fandoms you write for!

This is your comment template:

And Have Fun, fun ~fun! ♥ ♥ ♥

Help me spread the word:
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08 August 2013 @ 09:15 am
A lot has been said about commenting, specially that people are doing it less these days, which makes me sad because it's not only fun, but I think it's important, too; to let someone know, who took time and effort to share something with the fandom, that you enjoyed their work.

Sometimes commenting doesn't come easily, but it doesn't have to be complicated either. So I wrote a list, a sort of step-by-step guide I go through when I do it.

I wrote this for fun. I admit, I don't religiously follow each and every one of these steps, but on the whole, this is how I basically go about writing a comment.

Like I said, all for fun. The lovely [ profile] eidheann_writes corrected my mistakes (and seriously, isn't she the loveliest thing on the planet?), but lets not blame her for the content. That's all my fault.

So I present you:

8 ½ Fail-Safe Ways To Write A Comment (or my step by step guide to successful commenting)

Read more )

I know, I'm not re-inventing the wheel here, and some of these are pretty obvious, but I thought I'd share them anyway. :)
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27 May 2013 @ 09:25 am
It's universally established that Mondays suck. So hey, captions! Harry Potter captions to be specific.

They are random, they are ridiculously funny, and I laugh silly when I see them. Thought I'd share them. :)

I couldn't pick just the one, so here are a few of my favourites.
(Warning: Don't drink anything while watching this. Also, don't run with scissors!)

 photo sayingitwrong_zps1729a53c.jpg

More HP captions. )

What's your favourite caption? Show me yours! :D
17 May 2013 @ 09:46 am
Are all these true?

I know some of these are true. I read them on one of the interviews JKR gave shortly after the DH release, but a couple of these are new to me and I'm wondering… really? Do you know them to be true?

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts01_zps82b5d00f.jpg
Um. That makes sense but I'm not sure if she said it. Did she??

More Harry Potter Facts )

What other fandom fun facts do you know? These were the only ones on this page (which I didn't bookmark :(). Is there a site devoted to fun facts like this? That's be awesome. As it would be a list of fandom wishes. :)
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25 April 2013 @ 08:39 am
I reckon most of you have your fanon Harry and fanon Draco defined on your minds.

When I'm reading fanfiction I don't think about the actors as Harry and Draco, which is funny because when I think about the movies I can't even imagine anyone else but them as the characters.

Actually, when I'm reading funny stories I tend to imagine them as these chibbi-style cartoons. XD

I found my fanon Draco on a video. A porn video. *coughs* Oh, come on, don't judge me. We all indulge once in a while (don't you? Seriously? Because, Freud said—well, that's a subject for another post.).


As I was saying, I found my fanon Draco on a video. He's not exactly as I picture Draco, no pointy face (or cheekbones—woe is me) but there's something about him, the hair cut, the skinny slim chest, rosy nipples, that yeah, it makes me think of him as the younger version of my fanon Draco.

I'm curious about how people see their fanon Harry & Draco. Maybe you found them in an fanart, or a video, or a picture, or maybe several? Hair in one and body & face in another? Harry's hair seems to need a fanon!hair pic of its own.

So here's my fanfon Draco. He's probably nothing like yours. :D

Fanon!Draco -- in underwear only. Yay! I mean...Beware! )

So what does your Fanon Harry & Fanon Draco look like? Show meeee.
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