17 September 2016 @ 05:02 pm
You guys!


I'm so hard trying not to go call CAPS LOCKY on you, but this deserves all the cap locks in the world. Like, if there's a good moment to use caps locks this is it!!1!!

Okay, breath capi, breath! ^^

You know Leviosa, right? Well, back before Grace went to it I asked her sort of joking sort of serious if she could please take a notebook or something and ask people to sing it so she could send it to me, because the truth is, if I would have had the chance to go, I would absolutely walked around with a notebook asking all the amazing people there so sign it and taking photos (speaking of that, you people did not take enough photos, for the next Con, I'm going to self-proclaimed the Colin Creevey of the event!) and basically make a nuisance of myself. So I asked her if it wasn't too much trouble, if she remembered, if she could and mostly if she wanted to, to do that for me. She, lovely, amazing Grace that she is, said yes.

Then after Leviosa she told me she had something for me and she was going to send it soon.


And ohmygod, it's a Harry Potter postcard colouring book and—!!!!—she got me some of those signatures I've been dreaming about. :D

And the things they wrote. ♥_♥

You have to believe me when I say, happy tears, so much happy tears reading those amazing, lovely messages they wrote for me, all the hugs and the heart drawings (There's a Snape as well!) and greetings and everything.

There were messages from [ profile] zeitgeistic, [ profile] akatnamedeaster, [ profile] fantasyfiend09, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] gracerene, [ profile] sassy_cissa, [ profile] vaysh, [ profile] noeon, [ profile] oceaxe, [ profile] blithelybonny, [ profile] amorette, [ profile] dysonrules, [ profile] femmequixotic, [ profile] writcraft, [ profile] khalulu, [ profile] dicta_contrion, [ profile] piratesmile331, [ profile] otakuwench, [ profile] oldenuf2nb, [ profile] sesheta_66, [ profile] cassie_black12 and [ profile] oakstone730.

Thank you so much, all of you, for taking that moment from all the awesome time you were having to write something for me. You have no idea what this means to me. This little book now lives in my heart. Also in my collection, but you know, mostly in my heart. <3

And then, the cherry on top, I also received some HP stamps!!!! I've been coveting those since they came out thinking I'd never get a chance to have them and now they are here as well. \o/ Apparently there was a raffle and the lovely, generous winner gifted them to me. THANK YOU! *strokes stamps gently*

And of course I went and take pictures! Because, obviously, I had to. ^^

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I'm just over the moon.

Being part of fandom with all you, every single one of you out there, it's just the best thing in the world. This might sound silly, but sometimes when I'm going through a rough time in RL or at work or whatever coming here just fills me with so much positive energy, it gives me strength, knowing you're out there, knowing you're sharing your talent and love with me, and we're part of this crazy world together, it just makes everything better you know?

Just, all you, thank you for being out there. <33
I was tagged to do this meme and now I think I'm the last to do it? But hey, better late than never I say.

Rules! lol Begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer. I think you have to start with your name or username? ^^

Name: Capitu
Animal: Unicorn
Girl's name: Natalia
Colour: Amber
Movie: Robocop
Something you wear: Panties
Drink: Soda
Food: Avocado roll
Item in the bathroom: Light bulb
Place: Bahamas
Reason to be late: SMUT (reading it, that is. :D Although sometimes – you know, I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead. :))

I won't tag because I'm not even sure who hasn't done. But if you haven't, DO IT! Please?

Also, since I'm posting, I wanted to show my brand new gloves! :D Actually, they aren't new, exactly. Back for Christmas [ profile] saras_girl and [ profile] dannyfranx send me an amazing little package and in it I found these lovely gloves made by Marie herself! :D I didn't have a chance to wear them just then, as December/January are summer months for me, but: Winter is Here. (HA!)

Look how pretty they are! :D

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RIGHT? ♥ ♥ ♥

And lastly, I'm so super excited about [ profile] slythindor100 Last Drabble Writer Standing! \o/

I've been refreshing daily since sign-ups opened and celebrating and cheering each time a new name is added to the list.

Last year [ profile] birdsofshore made me sign up, okay, encouraged me to sign up (I have to laugh at being voted off when for the first time ever I wrote smut LOL, but I lasted all 5 weeks!) and it was so much fun. If you guys are considering, GO FOR IT. It's brilliant being part of that, writing your drabbles and then the voting.


Rules | Sign-up Post

Check the rules and consider it. Sign ups end June 29th. That's tomorrow, so hurry! :D
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15 April 2015 @ 04:26 pm
REAL MAIL. Which, never happens, really, because this country is a royal pain in the bumcheeks when it comes to postal service.

The thing is, back for my birthday [ profile] vaysh told me she wanted to send me something, I explained what a pain it is but after investigating proper and going to this obscure office (no kidding, it's probably the same office Arthur Dent had to go to see the display of the plans for that bypass) they told me I could get mail to the central. So [ profile] vaysh said let's try it. That was back in February.

Well! Yesterday it arrived! \o/ \o/ \o/

Two months later, I know, but OH MY GOD. I'm so excited, you're probably going to think it's ridiculous. But I don't care. I'm excited.

I am now the proud owner of a H/D Calendar!!!

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With Art!!!! You know, a H/D Art Calendar she made!!!!! She really needs to make a post about this calendar. It's officially the most gorgeous thing I own. Not even kidding. God, people here are so talented.

And a HP Postcard!!!!

Dark Arts card )

My first! :D

Yes, I'm all jumpy. SorryNotSorry. ^^

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13 February 2014 @ 09:46 am
This post is ridiculous. It's long (so long! Hello lj cuts!), and mushy and you'll have to forgive me, and I promise there are cookies if you even make it half way through. But I can't help myself, I'm so deliriously happy!

I loved my birthday. I had the best birthday.

I had! Never mind what my family and the bf gave me, the shows of affection I was gifted with were humbling and amazing and I literally have no words of my own.

The messages, the stories, the arts, the pictures graphics, the v-gifts, everything. You have no idea how amazing it was. Literally, I couldn't stop beaming all day like a loon.

I want to thank [ profile] eidheann_writes, [ profile] iwao, [ profile] 0idontknow0, [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] traintracks, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] tjs_whatnot, [ profile] dragontara, [ profile] writcraft, [ profile] dracogotgame, [ profile] hogwartsvixxxen, [ profile] susannah_wilde, [ profile] sophie_french, [ profile] kalime80, [ profile] onempty, [ profile] firethesound, [ profile] gracerene, [ profile] nherizu, [ profile] kitty_fic, [ profile] inglevine, [ profile] mab, [ profile] indyonblue, [ profile] zeitgeistic, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] notearchiver, [ profile] ashindk, [ profile] celestlyn, [ profile] aries_in_love, [ profile] vaysh, [ profile] icmezzo, [ profile] omi_ohmy, [ profile] drarryisgreen, [ profile] dysonrules.

If I'm forgetting someone who even said Hi to me I'm going to iron my ears until my next birthday, because everything, every message and gift and word meant the world to me. And you know, everybody, even people who didn't know or didn't give a flying feck it was birthday, just for being out there.

You have no idea, you don't know how happy I am every day because of you, how excited I am to come and open my journal and know I'm going to see you, know you're going to be there, to learn about your lives, to laugh with you or maybe offer a hug if you need it (and even if you don't). And it's just that, somewhere along the way, beyond the amazing stories shared, the art to be admired, all of you have become a huge part of my life, the best part of my day. These friendships I've made, these friendly interactions are the one thing that never fails to bring a smile on my face.

I know, we all know fandom is special, is brilliant and crazy, but it's you, every one of you (even you lurkers!) are the ones that make me feel part of something, like even a little thing like me matters.

And I hope, I hope you know this. I hope you know it's not just nice words to be said, that they come from my heart, to yours.

I'm so mushy, I know, I'm sorry! But here's a love letter I made for you with someecards, because I don't want to kill you with all the fluff.

Dear Crazy Fandom, )

I mean every word. I love you, guys. <3

And with my family and friends )

I told you. I had the best birthday, and it was all thanks to you. You made this day unforgettable. ♥