21 November 2016 @ 09:00 am
[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest finished posting and it was—well, you know, pretty damn brilliant. You still have time to catch up before reveals! They go up on November 28th!

For now, more recs! :)

Albus/Scorpius, Albus/Teddy, Teddy/James, James/Scorpius and a Ron, Lily Luna Gen )

Also, hey, hey! Claiming is open at [ profile] hp_goldenage's Salt and Pepper Fest! Do check it out, it's just such a fun and brilliant fest. Come on, try it! :D

And now in a totally unrelated note: I'm going on a little trip for a week. *looks sheepish* Leaving tomorrow, at 5M, actually, and coming back on the 30th just one day before [ profile] hd_erised starts posting! <----- Can't wait for this!

I feel terrible at leaving and coming back with the fest nearly upon us, but best co-mods in the world [ profile] gracerene & [ profile] sassy_cissa are best co-mods in the world. Totally on top of things! So much, in fact, I'm afraid they wonder why they even need me. :D

So that's it from me, got to finish packing and other travel-related errands. See you in a few days! <3
28 May 2016 @ 06:04 pm
I meant to make part of this rec post before, but, hey, better late than never, right? :) So there are many recs here. ^^

From [info]daily_deviant's Banging Birthday Party and from [ profile] hp_mhealthfest:

Marauders Era, Trio Era and Next Gen! )
08 March 2016 @ 08:52 am
Slash, femmeslash and gen. All beautiful, amazing fics from the Salt and Pepper fest at [ profile] hp_goldenage. If you haven't checked them out, do! But here's something to get you started. :)

From [ profile] hp_goldenage:

Hermione/Millicent, Harry/Draco, Gen Fred and George and Gen fanart Professor Sprout and Neville )

From [ profile] ron_draco_fest:

2 Ron/Draco )
30 December 2015 @ 08:30 am
I don't post any in two weeks and then I'm posting every day. Go me! :D

I bring you recs. All the art recs, because it's been wonderful. Oh god, all the part!

I warn you, this post is huge because once I started I couldn't stop. I'm not kidding, recs and recs and recs. Also, this post took an hour and a half to code. XD

Erised Art )

mini_fest art )

And a couple of off fest fanart. With a Star Wars bonus! :)

More art! )

I know, I know. I'm crazy, but I've been meaning to make this post all month. ^^
16 March 2015 @ 09:03 am
I've been forced to disable the costume comment pages because LJ is being a huge pain in the bum and I can't see my comments. *sobs* So yeah, old, regular comments' page for me. And it feels so weird. It's like my comments page is in its underwear or something. :/

But in better news, recs!

[ profile] hp_goldenage finished posting last week and it's been such an awesome fest. If you missed it the wrap ups are here: week 1 and week 2.

Here are some of my favourites. Only some, but do check all the entries because it's been wonderful.

4 fics + 1 art )

Don't forget to leave a comment! Comments are ♥.

And a question: are you planning to go to [ profile] leviosa2016? There's a poll going on at [ profile] sassy_cissa's journal gathering interest. I'm going to try my hardest to make it happen. I had the best time when I went to Terminus back in, oh god, 2008 *gasp* But this being in 2016 I have time to plan. And so have you! :D SO, are you? XD

Happy Monday, people. <33
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22 May 2013 @ 09:17 am
The horror fest at the [ profile] hp_darkarts has been posting some of the best stories I've read. Some of these will become a classic of this genre, and you really should give them a try, to experiment and play on the darker side of the fandom. If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing.

Here are some of my favourites, only some, because I really, *really* want to rec everything that has been posted.

Title: Sing Me A Song by [ profile] mihnn
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry Potter, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley
Word Count: 1,688
Summary: For it is widely believed that one’s demons can easily be a figment of one’s imagination, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.
Warning(s): Character death and torture
Notes: This story is amazing, what makes it even more scary is that you don't know if what happens really happened or if it was all in Harry's head. *shivers*

Title: The Darkness Takes Me by [ profile] xonceinadream
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Harry/Ginny, mentioned Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 5,134
Summary: Ever since the final battle Harry saw the shadows. He doesn't know what they're here for until he does.
Warning(s): Character Death, scary stuff
Notes: When Harry came back from that place he went after the killing curse, something came back with him, too. You see the warning, "scary stuff"? Yeah, scary... this fic is terrifying.

Title: The Final Sacrifice by [ profile] teshara
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: James, Albus, Scorpius, Harry, Ginny, Draco, McGonagall, Hermione, Ron.
Word Count: 18,000
Summary: When James finds a hidden passageway in the castle he recruits Albus and Scorpius to help him. What they find, no one could predict. Hogwarts demands tribute, but can Harry stop it before it’s too late?
Warning(s): Character Death
Notes: This is a Gen story, mainly featuring James, Albus and Scorpius. Their discovery of a hidden part of the castle will change not only their lives and those around them, but the castle itself. The plot, the characterisation and the ending are absolutely brilliant.

Harry/Draco recs are @ [ profile] my_drarry_recs.

Eta: *lol* check my 'scared' mood-theme icon. :D
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08 May 2013 @ 09:52 am
Recs from the Horror Fest @ [ profile] hp_darkarts that aren't Harry/Draco because those go here.

Title: We Came Crying Hither by [ profile] writcraft
Rating: R
Pairing: Poppy Pomfrey centric, non-explicit Poppy/Minerva
Word Count: 3,500
Summary: Hogwarts has always been filled with magic and mystery but after the war something wicked stirs within the walls.
Warning(s): Major character death, Gore
My Notes: I think what I loved the most about this story is the eerie feeling it gives you all through it, and just when the uneasiness and darkness that it suggests is about to kill you, well, it really does. And Madam Pomfrey was written flawlessly here.

Title: The Reclaiming by [ profile] justthedreams
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy; Angelina Johnson/Bill Weasley; Neville Longbottom/Terry Boot/Romilda Vane
Word Count: 7,800
Summary: It was just another reminder that what they were doing, the lives they were reclaiming, were the lives of people. Of the people each and every member of her group used to be. Hopeful. Determined. Human.
Warning(s): Gore, violence, profanity, murder, suicide, cannibalism
My Notes: I almost passed this story because I saw it was Draco/Hermione, but I'm so glad I didn't, because it isn't a romantic story by any stretch of the imagination, there's nothing romantic or sexual about the way Hermione and Draco interact. It can be easily read as Gen. This story has such an great premise I don't even know how to describe it. It's not that it's confusing, it's just complex to summarise in a few words (see the prompt at the post). And it's absolutely chilling. You shouldn't pass this fic! In fact, I dare you to start reading it.

Title: Ours by [ profile] mizsphinx
Rating: R
Pairing: Rose Weasley (main)
Word Count: 3,800
Summary: The cost for one person's love is high. The cost for universal love? Priceless.
Warning(s): Gore
My Notes: This is the sort of fic in which you kind of know what it's coming yet you can't stop reading it, you know? Like those scenes in a really scary movie that is about to happen but you cannot not look.

And now I must think of happy things, like my prompt for the glompfest @ [ profile] serpentinelion. I've never participated there before, I'm very excited. I really want it to be picked so I must think of a good one. X)
21 January 2013 @ 09:57 am
My dearest [ profile] tjs_whatnot was asking for HP recs on her journal. I went through some of my non Harry/Draco recs (that list would never end, but I am determined to make a list of must read for H/D Newbies!) and before I knew I had a whole bunch of them.

I thought I'd share them with you, so we could, you know, start our week on a good note. :)

Title: The Practical Wizard's Guide to Sex and Camping by violet_quill
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: They were tense, they were bored, they were all a little fucked up, they were completely on their own for the first time, and they were seventeen. Of course sex came into the equation eventually. (Occurs during Deathly Hallows.)
Notes: This story is probably nothing like you're imagining. It's hilarious. And even though it's a short story you're still going to recognise those personality traits that make you love these three so much.

Title: The Fourth Year by Calligraphy
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Word Count: 40,300
Summary: Snape lives as Harry Potter's prisoner (and more or less servant). An unexpected attack changes things. Or have things already been changing?
Notes: This story has a deliciously awkward Harry and Snape, just as you dream he would be; sour, clever and alive! (Follows HBP canon) The banter between these two is going to make you love this story. The first Harry/Snape fic I've read and it made it to my all time favourites right away. A bit long, I admit, not quick read, but I promise it's going to fly by, it's funny and super entertaining.

Title: The Briar Patch Tango by pushdragon.
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Lucius/Harry
Word Count: My word count says 2,840
Summary: (Not provided by author) Harry pays Lucius a visit on his Azkaban Cell
Notes: This is a parody and it's going to have you rolling on the floor laughing from the first sentence to the last.

Title: Specimen Report Number 537/B by thesteppyone
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Neville and er... something... (Gen, really)
Word Count: 355
Summary: (Not provided by author) Neville discovers a new Specimen.
Notes: Brilliant bit of writing. It's so funny I can already hear you laughing.

Title: To Me You Are the Sea by marguerite_26
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Word Count: 8,500
Summary: Scorpius dreaded attending Harry Potter's fiftieth birthday party for more reasons than he cared to admit.
Notes: This story is simply beautiful. One of the first I read of this ship and turned me into a fan. This is Harry the way I love him; mature, powerful and in love. And Scorpius is going to capture your heart. It's lovely, sexy and touching.

Title: The Dragon and the Pygmy Puff by ciraarana
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Charlie
Word Count: 30,00
Summary: Harry as a row with his girlfriend, gets a tattoo, and discovers that denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.
Notes: Delicious, it's about magical tattoos, and how Charlie's react to Harry, and how Harry's, later on, reacts to Charlie. But really, it's about a lot more than that. Emotional and sexy to an n.

Title: The little death by pauraque
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Viktor/Cedric
Word Count: 6,800
Summary: (Not provided by author) An interlude during the The Triwizard Tournament.
Notes: Warnings: Dominance/submission, orgasm control, bisexuality. It's nothing too aggressive, I don't think, it's rather about self-discovery. The characterisations of both Cedric and Viktor are amazing here. Viva le rare pairings!

Title: Hero Worship by snegurochka_lee
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Charlie/Viktor
Word Count: 6,100
Summary: In which James has a hero, Al has a crush, Viktor has cold feet, and Charlie just wishes at least two of them would stop being such bloody drama queens about it all.
Notes: This is how I love Charlie—well, I love him in all ways—but here he's mature, confident, funny and sexy.

And a couple of Harry/Ron oldies but goodies that still remind me why this pairing was my OTP all those years:

Title: Fair and Square by tarie
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Word Count: 5,200
Summary: Harry bests Ron at a game of wizard's chess. The stakes? The loser has to do any favour the winner requests. Harry'd like to see Ron in some of his sister's clothes.
Notes: Funny, sexy but so endearing. The way Ron is so embarrassed and the way Harry is looking at him, it's precious.

Title: Practive by Serene_Cj
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Word Count: 5,200
Summary: It was only supposed to be practice...
Notes: This story captures Ron's voice perfectly, and it's a landmark on this ship.

I hope you all enjoy these. ♥