The Comment a Thon has come to an end. I had a blast with this. Went absolutely mad! Well, [ profile] birdsofshore and I did and [ profile] traintracks embraced the madness.:D

There were very few Hufflepuffs, but we're diligent and hard workers. And we fight to the BITTER, BITTER END.

And so even if we don't win I think we did REALLY WELL. I'm proud of what we did! Erm, yeah. You might think things, 'crazy' and 'wft!!!!' and 'OMGLOL' but I'm PROUD! Embrace the madness with us! LOL

My final point count is: 687 points made for Fine and Noble House of Hufflepuff. *\o/*

My crazy table of crazy is here: )

I am sad it's over, too. I read really awesome fics, new pairings, new fests, and it was super fun, but I can't wait to know how the rest did. :D