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Prompting is open at [community profile] party_4_potter! A surprise Birthday Party Draco's organising for Harry. :D I hope I can stop by and leave some yummy prompts soon! Please stop by and help celebrate Harry on his birthday. <3

And some recs from [ profile] hprarefest, which is posting right now! God, I'm so behind with my recs. I have stuff from MONTHS ago that I meant to rec and yet – lamo is me. But I'm trying to do better, so here I offer some Rare Pair goodies.

Multi-ship slash recs. Including: Harry/Draco, Albus/Scorpius, Snape/Draco, and Ginny/Luna. )

And don't forget to leave some love for the authors, man. Artists and writers ROCK. They deserve all our love, no? Come on! :D
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Finally uploaded my new layout for DW. Check it out: [personal profile] capitu. I think like it. :) I sort of had it for ages but it needed some edits here and there, plus I'm fond of my LJ layout so then I figured, I could totally use it for DW. I'm not sure I'm going to get used to it, but for now, hey. Plus, I'm having a horrible week and at least I have this going for me, new fancy layout. ^^

I've been wanting very much to make a rec post for ages. I also figured there's no better way to improve your mood than sharing some goodies, no? :) These are all sort of Teddy-centred. At least he's half the pair.

4 Next Gen Recs, two Teddy/James and two Teddy/Scorpius. )

Hope you check them out!

And don't forget to stop by [ profile] hp_crossgenfest! Claiming is still Open over there. <3

Oh, oh! I totally forgot. Author offerings are open at [ profile] hp_podfic_fest! This basically mean you offer your stories (as many or as few as you want) for podficcers to read during the fest. It's brilliant! Consider offering some of your gorgeous fic, people! :)
20 February 2017 @ 04:40 pm
I meant to make a rec post a while back but man, kitchen drama is still a thing so I've been kind of—busy. Never mind. But hey, recs! from [info]daily_deviant and [ profile] hp_kinkfest because obviously there's not enough kink around here. ^^

7 Recs including: Teddy/Scorpius, Sirius/Harry, Harry/Ron/Draco, Millicent/Pansy, James/Al and 2 Draco/Al )

I almost used a ~pornier~ icon. I totally thought it fitting! :D
05 January 2017 @ 10:21 am
Yes! I knew the day to rec was coming and I was READY! :D

And so for my rec day at the Snowflake Challenge I'm catching up with [info]daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas! Four recs including: Harry/Teddy, Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ron & one Teddy/James art! :)

Read more )
12 November 2016 @ 09:00 am
I've been wanting to make a rec post for a few days now, but it just didn't feel right. Still doesn't, you know?

But then I thought how all the artists and authors in fandom shared their stories and art with us and I wanted to celebrate that, and maybe keep fandom the positive and safe place that it's always been. <3

So, some [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest Recs, including:
James/Teddy, Albus/Scorpius, James/Al and the Lovegood- Scamander Twins. )

Also, don't forget [ profile] hp_goldenage is still taking prompts for the Salt and Pepper fest until November 14th. Please stop by by the prompting post and leave some fun inspiration for writers and artists. <3

And lastly, [ profile] hd_fanart fest and [ profile] interhouse_fest are also posting right now, and I need to catch up with them. I'm probably missing more fests posting and prompting and claiming right now. Do share your recs and links if you can. <3
12 October 2016 @ 10:10 am
I've been meaning to make a rec post for ages. I have a bunch of stories I've been wanting to rec for, god, weeks, months, even. ^^ So I decided to sort of sort them out by character, because it's more fun if I give myself extra work, also so I can keep posting them. :D

So, I'm offering you some recs featuring one Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, according to HPwikia (do we even know if wikia is that reliable? At any rate, I like the ring of it, so I'm totally headcanon-ing the Hyperion).

Recs, including Scorpius/Al, James/Scorpius, Teddy/Scorpius. )

I think I'm in dire need of a Scorpius icon. Must work on that. ^^
22 June 2016 @ 04:53 pm
So many recs! All from [ profile] hprarefest. And it's just that there is amazing stuff being posted over there right now.

A bit of everything, for ever taste:

Multi-ship recs: Marauders Era, Trio Era, Cross Gen, Next Gen and Femslash art! \o/ )

If you need to catch up on [ profile] hprarefest: Week 1 and Week 2. Don't forget to leave some love to the writers and artists. <3

And don't forget:

Prompting is Open at [ profile] hd_familyfest
Claiming is Open at [ profile] hd_fan_fair
and [ profile] hp_podfic_fest is posting right now! \o/
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I meant to make part of this rec post before, but, hey, better late than never, right? :) So there are many recs here. ^^

From [info]daily_deviant's Banging Birthday Party and from [ profile] hp_mhealthfest:

Marauders Era, Trio Era and Next Gen! )
18 April 2016 @ 10:00 am
And very kinky at that! These are mulity ship recs from [info]daily_deviant's Banging Birthday Party. :D

A taste of the kinkiness going on over there:

James/Teddy/Al, James/Teddy, Weasleycest, Pottercest and art! )

If you haven't, do check all the fics and art because, damn! Here's Week 1 Round-Up and Week 2 Round-Up.

Now I'm off there myself to catch up with new stuff. Don't forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed something! <333
22 March 2016 @ 09:48 am
I've been back at home for a few days now. Still in nurse-duty 24/7, but things are a bit more settled. So I'm bringing you some recs from on-going fests. All stories are under 5K, please check them out. They'll make your day:

[ profile] hp_getlucky:
2 James/Scorpius, 1 Draco/James and one super Harry/Draco )

[ profile] do_me_veela Art:
1 Harry/Draco, 1 Draco gen )
26 November 2015 @ 10:33 am
One last time, recs from the [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest! Man, I'm going to pine away for this fest until next year. Wasn't it the best?

So, yes, a few more recs before reveals. :)

Fics & Arts )

Here's the Anonymous Masterlist. Do take a moment and check everything. There's so much amazing stuff. :)

And hey, Happy Thanksgiving if you're celebrating! If not, happy Thursday! <333
16 November 2015 @ 09:06 am
I bring you several recs from the [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest. Along with [ profile] hd_fanart reading NGF has been the highlight of my days.

I might have gone a little crazy here. Sorry! :D

Fics )

I know, I know! *blushes* I'm so loving this fest.

There are so many amazing fics. All of them have been brilliant. There are Gen fics and Het fics and more slash fics that you mustn't miss, so I'm going to link to you Weekly Roundup 1 and Weekly Roundup 2.
12 October 2015 @ 10:08 am

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I'm very excited about today's recs because they are all from my Next Gen OTP. :D Which reminds me, [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest starts posting in less than a month! \o/

But in the meantime, some lovely James Sirius/Scorpius fics and art recs for you. :)

Fics )

Art )

Please enjoy, and if you do, don't forget to leave some love to the writers and artists. Comments are ♥
06 June 2015 @ 05:24 pm
I know, I don't post here in weeks and suddenly I'm posting every day - twice a day even! I'm horrible. ^^

But hey, RECS!

Two Ron/Draco, one Draco/Al and one James Sirius/Scoripus ~bonus!

closer to wrong, no further from right by [ profile] blithelybonny @ [ profile] dracomalfoy | Ron/Draco | NC-17 | 2,3K |
My notes: God, this story is so much fun! And it's just that Ron thinks he has Draco exactly where he wants him, but he wasn't counting on, well, Draco. In short, Ron is going to question Draco under Veritaserum and somehow Draco ends up with Ron exactly where he wants him. It's totally awesome.

The Butterfly Effect by [ profile] my_thestral written for [ profile] hp_mhealthfest | Ron/Draco | R | 17K |
My notes: It's written from Ron's POV and it's just so damn witty and fun and brilliant. The voice [ profile] my_thestral is all kinds of amazing. Ron is funny, he's brave, he's perfect. He finds Draco in an unlikely place and soon learns of his burden, and of course, immediately tries to help. This is the fic that forever going to make me think of Ron/Draco. It opened my eyes, and I loved it.

You Know I Have an Appetite (For Pretty Things) by [ profile] gracerene @ [ profile] dracomalfoy | Draco/Al | NC-17 | 1,2K |
My notes: Jesus, this is just pure kinky filthy hotness RIGHT HERE. It's Al, submissive and perfect sucking Draco off. And Draco, Christ, he's smoking hot. I don't want to spoilt if for you, but there's a whole lot of hotness waiting for you. Go read!

A Glimpse of Gold by chantefable @ dreamwidth | James Sirius/Scorpius | R | 1,8K
My notes: Discovering this fic was SUCH a joy! I can't get enough of this pairing, and the way it's written here is fun and wonderful. The Aurors have new uniforms, and it's creating havoc in James mind seeing Scorpius in them. Funny, hot and perfect.

Don't forget to leave a comment! Comments are...yep, comments are LOVE. ♥

And hey! For those following the Champions League: OMG! Did you see?? Go FC Barcelona! My dad's going to be pleased. My newphew is going to be crushed. Me? I was crushed back when Real Madrid got botted. ^^
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Because I'm one lucky capitu. :D

And you know, this is not one of those 'oh, she's reccing stuf made for her because she has to'. No, I'm reccing stuff made for me because it's AWESOME!

Please check this stuff out. Please, you'll be happier, honest! There's James/Scorpius, Harry/Ron, Harry/Draco and owls! :D

Click me! There's awesome stuff behind me! )

Yes, I'm very lucky. :D FANDOM HUG! huuuuugs
06 October 2014 @ 08:36 am

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My first Rectober post. And I've got awesome stuff for you. I was feeling like reading Albus, and boy, these fics are all about him. There's naughty!Ablus, there's sweet!Albus, there's in-denail!Albus. Oh yeah. :D

Three Albus/Scorpius fics, one art, and a bonus Draco/Albus Severus. Enjoy!

Recs )

I hope you enjoy these are much as I did. :) Also, I think I need an Al!icon. Love him so much. ^^

And don't forget to comment on all the fics and art you've been checking!!! Comments are ♥
20 August 2014 @ 10:46 am
Of the random variation. :D One James/Scorpius Next Gen OTP ♥. One Albus/Scorpius, my first! I think it's my first. :D I want moar now! Got any recs? And one Naricssa/Seamus, Narcissa/Seamus/Stan (from The Knight Bus), and Naricssa/Dean with Ernie watching the whole thing, and trust me, you have to read that. :D

Title: Kepp Your Mouth Shut by [ profile] snegurochka_lee
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Word Count: 7,000 Approx.
Summary: James's dad had been right about one thing: Malfoys could never keep their goddamn mouths shut.
Warning(s): Boys playing around with Dom/sub stuff
My Notes: Oh my god. This fic, this fic! This fic is about James and Scorpius experimenting for the first time with Domination/submission. And it's brilliant. It's hot, James' and Scorpius' characterisations are fantastic, and it's just amazing see them dipping their toes into this without them quite knowing what they're doing. It's awesome.

Title: Stutter by [ profile] secretsalex
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus/Scorpius
Word Count: 2,500
Summary: Scorpius has a stutter. Al has a way with words. Draco discovers their unlikely relationship.
My Notes: This story, it's just, there's something incredibly sweet about it. It's written from Draco's POV, and it's pretty amazing, the way it starts: There is something wrong with the Malfoys. // Something intangible, something essential. that intro, and what follows, sort of grips you and pulls you in, and then you discover through Draco's eyes this beautiful, sweet Scorpius who has a stutter, and Scorpius and Al's relationship. It's pretty amazing.
This fic has a podfic made by the lovely [ profile] vaysh, which you can find here. And doesn't she have the most beautiful voice ever? She does! <3

Title: Worth It by [ profile] lumosed_quill
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Narcissa/Seamus, Seamus/Narcissa/Stan, Narcissa/Dean, (Ern POV)
Word Count: 1,000 Approx.
Summary: Narcissa likes to slum it on the Knight Bus during the summer months when all those delectable boys are out of Hogwarts. At least, I think that's what's going on; it's all Ern pov. *shrugs*
Warning(s): cross-gen, undisclosed ages (though it's Hogwarts-era, so 16 probably?) using someone sexually, taking turns, spit-roast, voyeurism/exhibitionism, infidelity, complete slut!Narcissa (like, she has no lines even), general filthiness
My Notes: This little fic is insane. It's not just hilarious, but it's strangely hot, too. And I say 'strangely' because you wouldn't believe how fucking well it works. Like, oh god, Ern's POV is spot on, and the sex is fucking dirty and so good! Read it, I dare you to, you won't regret it!

Also, [ profile] hd_owlpost sign ups open August 22, that's in two days!!!! Are you doing it? I think I'm going to. I loved it last year, and I so rarely have the chance to sign up for stuff. I'm really excited. I just hope I don't bite more than I can chew (that's the saying, right?). Waaaa. I'm excited.
10 July 2014 @ 10:02 am

You have to read these:

Bloody Potters by [ profile] lumosed_quill (Draco/Albus Severus, Harry/Draco UST | NC 17)
Effed by [ profile] blithelybonny (James Sirius/Scorpius | NC 17)
Love Thy Neighbour by [ profile] birdsofshore (It's an orgy: various non-specific m/m combinations |R)

Trust me, you just have to. It all happens at the annual Potter BBQ aka orgy, apparently and it's the most awesome thing you'll read along with the whole Anywhere but the Bed Master List.

There's awesome Harry/Sirius by [ profile] digthewriter, and Hermione/Pansy/Ron and Harry/Draco by [ profile] lumosed_quill and more Harry/Draco by [ profile] barefacedbandit and some Seamus/Pansy by [ profile] lightofdaye.

And you shouldn't miss it, really. It's brilliant over there, and naughty, just so much fun! And it's only Thursday. So if you never could get the hang of Thursdays, this is the way. ;)
26 May 2014 @ 08:39 am
I have to admit I kinda fell in love with this pairing since I read this fic Getting There (which I recced here) and now I might have a Next Gen OTP. Maybe. I mean, there's James/Al after all. And I haven't read very many Al/Scorpius. And I do love Pottercest. And Weasleycest. And... yeah. ^^

Oh, Fandom, you just keep on giving, don't you?

Title: Houses & its sequel Games by faviconCanary
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Word Count: 51,400 // 10,800
Summary: Scorpius Malfoy goes away to school. //Scorpius Malfoy's summer holiday.
Warning(s): under age sex (both James and Scorpius – no chan)
My Notes: The thing is, here James is a bit of a prick, okay a lot. And Scorpius, he's very special, he has a bad family life, his parents neglect him, he's just arrived from living in Italy and he's not used to English, well, nothing English, he's a Gryffindor. And his friendship with Albus is lovely. At first James and Scorpius sort of hate each other, and that seems simple, they hate each other, but then it turns complicated when they first get together and James is still an arse to him, but eventually things evolve for the better. The sequel is in the summer after James and Scorpius reach a rather nice point in their relationship, and everything goes downhill because Scorpius' parents are so indifferent to him. It's really, really good.

Title: The Secretary's Sensational Seduction by [ profile] hereticalvision
Rating: R
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Word Count: 11,000 Approx.
Summary: In love with Albus, his gorgeous boss, Scorpius Malfoy feels like Al sees him as another piece of office furniture. But Al's brother, the arrogant, wealthy James Sirius Potter, has a plan. If Scorpius pretends to be his lover, Albus will surely want what he can't have. The plan seems to be working. But what is James' real agenda here?
Warning(s): none. ^^
My Notes: This fic is just super fun. It's just as the summary says, but only, as Scorpius and James pretend to be seeing each other, well, Scorpius starts realising maybe Albus isn't the one he really wants. Sweet and lovely!

Title: The Right Kind of Sinner by [ profile] tryslora
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Word Count: 20,000 Approx.
Summary: There are only a few hard and fast rules of the streets, and in the few months he’s been hooking, Scorpius has learned them all. Never bareback. Never give out a freebie. Never let your heart get involved. Never assume you’re more than a fuck. Never assume your john is single. Then along comes one night with James Potter, and Scorpius breaks all those rules and ends up risking everything, with no guarantee he’ll get anything in return.
Warning(s): prostitution, mpreg.
My Notes: This fic, it's just painful and raw and brilliant. This is Scorpius living with Muggles as a prostitute, and his life is simple enough, until one night when James Potter walks by his corner and pays him for the night. A few weeks later Scorpius realises he's pregnant, and what comes is so hard for him, he's so alone, even after he tells James, he's alone and things really get complicated, the question is, is James going to be there for him at the end? Beautiful and powerful.

Do you have Next Gen OTPs? Or pairings that you favour? Recs Anyone? XD
10 May 2014 @ 10:16 am
Okay, not really. :D Next Gen, Harry/Ron and Cross Gen!

And these are awesome.

James Sirius/Scorpius, HarryRon, Lucius/Harry. )

I hope you love these fics as much as I did.

And art recs!

In case you didn't know, [ profile] zeitgeistic is an amazing artist, and today I went through so much of her art. I want to rec it all. But here are some you mustn't miss. Actually, you mustn't miss anything but here are some for you. ^^

Art Recs recs this way. :D )

Seriously, you need to go through her art tag. It's brilliant.

And then come back and fangirl with me about it. Did you see that Harry Portrait? And the H/D? And all of them? Man! :D
Kinky recs, so you can start your week properly! Oh, and one crazy Harry/Draco art thingy!

Title: Sweet Girl by [ profile] sdkshelly
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James Sirius/Lily Luna, Harry/Lily Luna(unrequired)
Word Count: 2,140
Summary: Harry's only ever treated Lily as a father would a daughter. Her older brother, on the other hand, has a different way of taking care of his little sister.
Warning(s)/Content: Incest, dubcon, underaged sex, intercrural sex, fantasy ageplay/roleplay (briefly)
Notes: So naughty, and so hot! Lily is pining for Harry, even teasing him, but Harry only see her as his little girl, James though, James has a different idea of how to treat his sister. And it's, I'm telling you, it's delicious and dirty. There's also amazing, perfect, super hot art to inspired by this story. Check out: Sweet Girl by [ profile] thilia. NC 17 | Not Safe for Work! |

Title: All in the Family by [ profile] alisanne
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Lily Luna, James Sirius/Lily Luna
Word Count: 2050
Summary: Lily's persistence finally pays off, only not in the way she expects.
Warning(s): Incest, dubcon, underaged sex
Notes: This is the sequel of the story above, and good God, it's just as hot, and even naughtier, if that's possible. The twist at the end is amazing. I almost don't want to say anything, because omg!!! The twist! But let's just say, Lily thinking he's with Harry, doesn't really know what she's getting herself into.

And one crazy fanart, erm, thing! XD

Title: AngryBirds!H/D by [ profile] potteresque_ire
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Um. Er. How AngryBird!Harry and PiggyPrince!Draco falls in love. Does this qualify as fanart?
Warning(s): Crack's poor cousin: MZS (makes zero sense)
Notes: This is the coolest, craziest thing I've ever seen. It's really ANGRY BIRDS a la Harry/Draco and it's a big, huge LULZ all over the place. It's priceless, and if you haven't seen it, go and check it out because it's to die for. XD

In news that no one cares, I finally got my hands into a Kill Your Darlings Dvd! :D:D

And someone claimed one of my prompts for the [ profile] hp_kinkfest! \o/ I always get ridiculously excited when this happens. I mean, you leave a few words about something [naughty] you had in mind, and then BANG! someone creates a story/art out of it, and omg, it's like ~magic~! I can't wait. :D
17 February 2014 @ 04:10 pm
Recs, beautiful recs, naughty (so naughty!) recs, dark recs and lovely fest.

Title: Eros and Psyche by [ profile] iwao @ [ profile] do_me_veela
Rating: NC 17 Not Safe For Work!
Pairing: Harry/Draco
My Notes: I know most of you have seen this, but I must rec it because it's simply stunning. Harry and Veela!Draco, and god, Draco's wings are gorgeous, and their bodies, their faces. It's beautiful. If you haven't seen it, don't wait, and if you have, dude, isn't it awesome?

Title: A Perfect Fit by [ profile] alisanne
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Neville/Draco
Word count: 1275
Summary: It's time for Draco to discover if the rumours are true.
My Notes: I have to admit, I love a bit knot. (I can't believe I said that :P) And here you are going to see Draco taking Neville's in all its glory. And it's deliciously naughty.

Title: nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate by [ profile] traintracks
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/James Sirius
Word count: 3,025
Warnings/Content: incest, brief mention of underage (though they're 20/22 in this)
Summary: Description: My beta wanted me to title it with this, but I think it makes a decent summary: 'James: Cockwhore (especially for this brother)'.
My Notes: After reading that description there's little else I can say to encourage you to read this fic. :D It's HOT, okay? Cero guilt, just delicious, naughty sex of the best kind.

The [ profile] hp_darkarts posted their Bloody Valentine Master List, and every submission is absolutely wonderful. I know because I devoured every single one and now I simply can't wait for the Horror Fest. Seriously, go and check them out. They are powerful and twisted and amazing.

And lastly, the The Harry Potter Character Love Fest came to an end, and it was fantastic. So many characters getting love. Some threads made me all teary and others made me laugh, and all were wonderful.

Thank you to everybody who was part of it, contributing, commenting, lurking. It was awesome fun and it's all because of you. ♥

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10 December 2013 @ 09:39 am
I came back, bearing recs. Kinky recs! All from Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas. Three stories and two arts.

Incest, threesomes & moresomes. Oh ~my.

Title: Unbreakable Bond by [ profile] torino10154 @ Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Ron/Harry/Hermione
Word Count: 1180
Summary: They live in the open, they fuck in secret.
Warnings/Content: Double penetration, toys, flogging, fingering
My Notes: This story is short and hot and kinky like you hear about it. It starts right into the threesome, and it's got a super hot in control!Harry.

Title: I Know You Rider by [ profile] traintracks @ Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James Sirius/Albus Severus
Word Count: 6,800
Summary: Touching Albus felt like that moment the wand in your hand responds. The moment before you're healed or cursed, when everything's possible and horrible and perfect.
Warnings/Content: incest, sex in a public place
My Notes: Pottercest is my guilty pleasure, and this story is fantastic. There's so much longing and guilt, like James and Al don't know what to do with these feelings they've been trying to hard to bury. It's delicious, slightly angsty, so hot, and wonderful all around; an instant favourite of mine.

Title: Double Date by [ profile] tjs_whatnot @ Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: James/Lily, Sirius/Remus, James/Lily/Sirius/Remus
Word Count: 5,000
Summary: What Lily wants; Lily gets...
Warnings/Content: moresome, voyeurism
My Notes: I loved, I absolutely loved the familiar quality the author gave these characters; like you can recognise them from the idea the books gave you of them. It's kinky, but it's such a gentle kind of kink, and so very sweet. Sirius just came out to James about him and Remus, and Lily, she's intrigued, and you see that summary there? It makes the most brilliant sense because there's nothing these four wouldn't do for Lily, and for each other. Read it and enjoy.


Title: Post-Raid Celebration by [ profile] thilia @ Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Rating: NC 17 Not Safe For Work
Pairing: Lucius/Dolohov/Draco/Macnair
Warnings/Content: Nudity, orgy/gangbang, blowjobs
My Notes: Have you heard that bad guys are hot? Well, they are SUPER hot on this piece. It's stunning, and sexy as hell.

Title: Shut Up, Weasley by [ profile] nearlyconscious @ Daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Rating: R Not Safe For Work
Pairing: Charlie/Pansy
Warnings/Content: consensual BDSM (fem!Dom/male!sub)
My Notes: This piece is hot and fun and very naughty. I loved Pansy's outfit and Charlie's eyes. And freckles. Yes, the ~freckles.

Enjoy! I know I did. *coughs*
17 August 2013 @ 08:46 am
[ profile] hp_adoptaprompt started posting!
[ profile] hd_owlpost sign ups open today! :D Rules and Fest Guide here. Who is else doing this? I soooo want to do this. I'm very excited, and nervous. I always get nervous when I'm about to sign up for anything, meep, but I think I will. Sounds like fun, yeah? ^^

[ profile] mini_fest
...a fun and easy Holiday fest for the Harry Potter fandom!

Banner by [ profile] capitu.

This is the prompting post.
There are so amazing prompts already there. Also, don't forget to check the second page *coughs* and the banners! I made them. :)

And two recs + art:

Title: Like Fathers, Like Sons by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius, background Harry/Draco
Word Count: 8,000 + Some amazing art!
Summary: Well, the last thing either Albus or Scorpius had expected was to find Harry’s pensieve of intimate memories while clearing out the attic. Actually, it was the second to last thing. The last thing was their enjoying those memories.
Notes: This story is as the summary says, Al and Scorpius found dirty memories of Harry and Draco and, well, of course it affected them. And by that I mean it made them hot as hell (as they will do you). It's really fun, and a whole lot of naughty to see them trying to act normal around each other (and failing) and then finally facing that the memories made them realise it's each other they want. Oh, sweet, and hot. And the art is to die for; in the best of ways. Also, the art on this fic is Not Safe For Work! Yum!

Title: Small Comforts by [ profile] lordhellebore
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry Potter, eventual Harry Potter/Ron Weasley
Word Count: 1,600
Summary: Sometimes comfort is found where it's least expected, and sometimes it takes courage to hold on to it.
Notes: This is one of those fics that makes you love Harry even more. This is Harry as a child, a teenage and a man finding comfort in the most innocent way; showing difficult moments in his life and the way face them. Even if this pairing isn't your 'thing', don't let that stop you from reading it. It's beautiful.

Ohh, and if you haven't checked these three Harry/Draco arts:

Completion, Want and Unbuttoned by [ profile] iwao, you absolutely must, they are so sensual, beautiful and evocative. They are all R, so, Not strictly "not safe for work" but just to be sure, check nobody is peeking behind your back.

Okay. Now I'm done.

It's just that sometimes I can't contain my fannish joy. :D I know. I'm embarrassed. ^^
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21 July 2013 @ 11:16 am
From [ profile] hp_ageplay:

Title: Flickering Shadows by [ profile] justwolf
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Harry, George, Angelina
Word Count: 2,900
Summary: To piss the bed, and then have people treat you kindly—it wasn't the kind of thing that happened in real life.
Warning(s): see original post
My Notes: Everybody who loves Harry should read this fic. It's not about the kink, not really. It's about Harry being young and embarrassed and for the first time in his life having someone who would take care of him and comfort him instead of punish him and embarrass him. It warm and just wonderful.

Title: No More Excuses by [ profile] hpfangirl71
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/James Sirius
Word Count: 1,096
Summary: Al has finally run out of excuses for the games he and his brother play together.
Warning(s): Sibling incest, implied one-sided father/son incest, spanking, submissiveness, polyjuice potion
My Notes: This story is just hot, and dirty. I've never been more aware of Pottercest than with this fic. It's got Albus Polyjuiced as Harry with James, so yeah, it's naughty all around.

From [ profile] hp_owned:

Title: Knock, Breathe, Shine, and Seek to Mend by [ profile] traintracks
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/James Sirius
Word Count: 13,400 Approx.
Summary: "What do you want?" James' voice was all breath. Al wouldn't look at him. He didn't know what was happening. Well, part of what was happening was obvious: He was erect again, and this time he didn't have the morning wood excuse. But what was happening with Jamie... That was another matter.
Warning(s): Incest, see more in original post for more warnings
My Notes: I love it when kinky stories are more than just about the sex, and there are all sorts of feelings on this fic; there's longing, so much yearning you'll feel it yourself, want, need and that delicious guilt that comes from wanting something you're not supposed to want, added in this scenario of fuck or die, which makes it all more intense.

And an art: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (was that clear enough? :P)

Title: Thursday Night at the Hedonism Institute by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Just your average Thursday night at the slave training school Hedonism Institute. Harry's definitely passing the "Learning to Love Your Leash" course.
Warning(s): BDSM
My Notes: You have to see this art and admire the curve of Harry's bum (looking all pink and tender) as he kneels in front of Draco and… Yeah, you get the idea. ;)
07 December 2012 @ 06:23 pm
I was browsing around Daily_Deviant' Kinky Kristmas @ insanejournal, and boy, they are celebrating in grand over there.

All pairings and kinks. It's like a very naughty Bouillabaisse. And I thought I'd bring you some of that here. :D

Two fics I've absolutely loved:

Title: Best and the Brightest
Author: [ profile] tjs_whatnot
Rating: NC 17
Characters: Harry/Tonks
Word Count: 4,700
Summary: Some of Harry’s best lessons aren’t learned in class.
Kinks/Themes Included: light BDSM, feather play, spanking, cunningulus.

Title: Spinning the World
Author: [ profile] sdk
Rating: NC 17
Characters: James Sirius Potter/Albus Severus Potter
Word Count: 2,500
Summary: James tells himself this is perfectly normal. He's sixteen. He gets hard when someone just looks at him funny. It doesn't mean he's sick and fancies his brother.
Kinks/Themes Included: sleepy sex, dub-con [not really!], incest

And two very NWS Art:

Title: Hogwarts Does Harry
Author: [ profile] thilia
Rating: NC 17 NWS
Characters: Harry/4 boys of your choice.
Kinks/Themes Included: Orgy, oral/blowjobs, handjobs.

Title: Christmas Surprise
Author: [ profile] its_art
Rating: R
Characters: Draco/Pansy.
Kinks/Themes Included: Light bondage - collar & cuffs, Hair pulling, boots, corsets.

More to come, I promise. Heh. But in the meantime, enjoy!

Ps. H/D recs go over here.
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