11 December 2017 @ 10:04 am
Harry Potter Fests 2017  
I know I'm always saying this, but better late than never? :)


2017 Harry Potter Fests – Posting Dates and Masterlists (now with DW links!):

[community profile] snapecase's 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]snapecase
[profile] rt_morelove's 2016/2017 Twelfth Night Tales Masterlist
[community profile] hd_owlpost 2016 Master List and at DW: [info]hd_owlpost

[community profile] hp_unfaithful's Valentine's Day Comment fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_unfaithful
[community profile] hp_kinkfest 2017 Masterlist and at DW: [info]hpkinkfest

[personal profile] birdsofshore Anywhere but the Bed Comment Fest Masterlist
[community profile] ron_draco_fest 2017 Masterlist and at and at DW: [info]ron_draco_fest
[community profile] hp_goldenage's 2017 Salt and Pepper fest Masterlist
[community profile] hp_getlucky 2017 Get Lucky Masterlist. at DW: [info]hp_getlucky
[community profile] hp_bunintheoven 2017 Masterlist
[community profile] serpentinelion's 2017 Appreciation Fest Fest Tag. At DW: [info]serpentinelion

[info]daily_deviant's Birthday Card Comment Kink Week 1 Masterlist & Week 2 Masterlist
[community profile] dracotops_harry 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]dracotops_harry
[community profile] rarepair_shorts's 2017 Clue(do) Ficathon! Masterlist. At DW: [info]rarepair_shorts
[community profile] hp_darkarts's 2017 Horror Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_darkarts
[community profile] firewhiskeyfic Earth Day Edition Tag. At DW: [info]firewhiskeyfic

[community profile] hd_remix Vol. 9 Masterlist. At DW: [info]hd_remix
[community profile] snape_potter's Snarry-a-Thon 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]snape_potter
[community profile] hp_shoreofangst 2017 Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_shoreofangst
[community profile] femmefest 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]femmefest
[community profile] harrydracompreg: No fest this year. At DW: [info]harrydracompreg
[community profile] dramionelove 2017 Mini Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]dramionelove

[community profile] bottom_draco's Merry-Making Mini Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]bottom_draco
[community profile] serpentinelion's 2017 Glomp Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]serpentinelion
[community profile] hp_mhealthfest 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_mhealthfest
[profile] wand_in_a_knot 2017, Round Two: Masterlist
[personal profile] dracomalfoy's Draco's Birthday Party - not running this year
[personal profile] hprarefest 2017 Masterlist
[community profile] rs_collab won't return 2017 but they will return in 2018! DW: [info]rs_collab
[community profile] hd_smoochfest not running this year. At DW: [info]hd_smoochfest
[community profile] hphet 2017 Mini Fest Masterlist. at DW: [info]hphet

[community profile] slythindor100's Harry/Draco LDWS - Round 9th Masterlist. At DW: [info]slythindor100
[profile] sshg_promptfest's 2017 Masterlist
[community profile] snape_potter [community profile] snape_potter Snarry's Harry Birthday Challenge Masterlist. At DW: [info]snape_potter
[profile] hd_tropes No Word on this fest

[personal profile] severus_snape 2017 Summer of Severus Comment Fest TBA.
[community profile] sshg_smut 2017 SS/HG Smut Fest Masterlist
[community profile] hp_crossgenfest 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_crossgenfest
[profile] hptimetravel 2017 TBA

[community profile] hp_podfic_fest 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]hp_podfic_fest
[info]bbtp_challenge's Bring Back the Porn 2017 Masterlist.
[profile] dramione_remix Dramione Remix Round 8 Starts Posting September 11th
[personal profile] hp_drizzle 2017 Starts Posting September 1st., but prompting is open until April 15th! At DW: [info]hpdrizzle
[profile] dramione_duet 2017 Masterlist
[community profile] rarepair_shorts's 2017 Summer Wishlist Event Masterlist. At DW: [info]rarepair_shorts

[community profile] weasleyjumpers 2017 Mini Fest Masterlist. At DW: [info]weasleyjumpers
[community profile] hd_familyfest 2017 Masterlist. At DW: [info]hd_familyfest
[community profile] hd_fan_fair 2017 H/D Career Fair is posting right now! AT DW: [info]hd_fan_fair
[profile] hd_hurtfest 2017 - no fest this year
[community profile] rs_games 2017 TBA. At DW: [info]rs_games
[community profile] hp_creatures's 2017 Halloween Fest TBA. At DW: [info]hp_creatures
[profile] hd_fluff's 2017 H/D Fluffy Halloween TBA
[community profile] hp_halloween's Annual HP Halloween Double Drabble TBA. At DW: [info]hp_halloween
[community profile] interhouse_fest's 2017 TBA. At DW: [info]interhouse_fest
[community profile] hp_nextgen_fest's 2017 Start Posting October 30th. At DW: [info]hp_nextgen_fest

[community profile] hd_fanart's 2017 H/D Fanart Fest TBA. At DW: [info]hd_fanart
[profile] hermione_smut 2017 TBA
[personal profile] sirius_black 2017 Dog Days of Summer TBA
[profile] lucissa The Ice Royal Winter Exchange fest start posting November 1st. At DW: [info]theiceroyals

[community profile] hd_erised's 2017 TBA. At DW: [info]hd_erised
[community profile] hd_owlpost's 2017 TBA. At DW: [info]hd_owlpost
[profile] mini_fest's 2017 TBA
[community profile] slythindor100's 25 Days of Harry and Draco TBA. At DW: [info]slythindor100
[community profile] dracoharry100's 2017 Christmas Challenge TBA. At DW: [info]dracoharry100
[community profile] smutty_claus's 2017 TBA
[personal profile] rs_small_gifts's 2017 TBA
[profile] sshg_giftfest's 2017 TBA
[community profile] rarepair_shorts's 2017 Winter Exchange TBA. At DW: At DW: [info]rarepair_shorts
[community profile] snape_potter's 2017 Secret Snarry Swap TBA. At DW: [info]snape_potter
[community profile] hoggywartyxmas's 2017 TBA. At DW: [info]hoggywartyxmas
[info]daily_deviant's 2017 Kinky Kristmas TBA
[info]adventdrabbles's 2017 Advent Drabbles TBA

If you see a mistake or an omission, please let me know! If I missed a fest that is running this year, also let me know, and if you know a link to a DW community that I don't have here, again, please do let me know. :)

More dates will be added as Fests make announcements. Please bear in mind that many of the DW communities are only back ups and/or not active; the fests themselves will actually post at livejournal! Just keep your eyes open so you won't miss anything. :)

For only Harry/Draco Fests check [profile] vaysh's H/D Fests in 2017. And for more news on fests and prompt communities [profile] potterfests is the place to go. :)

I hope this is useful! ♥

(This entry probably makes a bit more sense at livejournal ^^)

*mutters* And they say fandom is ~dying~ I spent all my afternoon yesterday coding. . . ;)
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noeon[personal profile] noeon on April 12th, 2017 10:02 pm (UTC)
Oooh! This is great!!

(Reports of fandom's demise are greatly exaggerated)


Edited 2017-04-12 10:03 pm (UTC)
capitu[personal profile] capitu on April 13th, 2017 12:07 pm (UTC)
They are!

It's going to be a great year! :)