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2020-11-03 04:32 pm



Yep. My journal is Friends Only, which, I know, kind of defeats the purpose of an on line journal. But hey, look what a pretty banner I've got. And did you notice they've switched their shorts? I wonder how that happened... what do you think?

Okay, not Friends Only. ^^ All fandom content is pretty much unlocked, general whining and personal stuff that is locked. But if you want to be added, just leave a comment. :)
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2018-01-23 09:50 am
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Likes & dislikes in fic (or the entry where I went on and on):

I've been wanting to do one of these since [ profile] birdsofshore and [ profile] firethesound made theirs. And then [ profile] gracerene did the Snowflake challenge and challenged people to make them; I went ahead and made mine, too. I blame them.

Likes, dislikes and everything in between. I warn you, I went MAD. Seriously. I'm ridiculous. ^^

My list )

So. *scuffs feet* How are you today, you dear and tormented livejournal friend? Did someone make a post filled with endless babbling and contradictions? I'm sorry! <3
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2017-12-11 10:04 am

Harry Potter Fests 2017

I know I'm always saying this, but better late than never? :)


2017 Harry Potter Fests – Posting Dates and Masterlists (now with DW links!) )

If you see a mistake or an omission, please let me know! If I missed a fest that is running this year, also let me know, and if you know a link to a DW community that I don't have here, again, please do let me know. :)

More dates will be added as Fests make announcements. Please bear in mind that many of the DW communities are only back ups and/or not active; the fests themselves will actually post at livejournal! Just keep your eyes open so you won't miss anything. :)

For only Harry/Draco Fests check [profile] vaysh's H/D Fests in 2017. And for more news on fests and prompt communities [profile] potterfests is the place to go. :)

I hope this is useful! ♥

(This entry probably makes a bit more sense at livejournal ^^)

*mutters* And they say fandom is ~dying~ I spent all my afternoon yesterday coding. . . ;)
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2017-07-19 10:10 am

Hiiii! :D

I'm back, alive and whole, which is a trend I love coming from vacations. :)

I had a lovely time and saw beautiful places. Man, Aruba! That's the place to live. Mark my words, I'm going to retire there.

I saw dolphins at the sea! Like, we had a little window in our cabin that I made my reading nook because I'm a nerd that spend most of her time reading \o/ and I looked out and hey, dolphins! They followed the ship just a few minutes but it was beyond awesome.

I missed you so, so much! How have you been? I'm going to try to catch up – I already did with some verses I'm following (see me being a nerd ^^) but it's a slow process. ^^ Tell me what you've been up to!

I cannot believe I missed prompting for [ profile] hp_creatures and [ profile] hd_fanart. I was so sure I had a day or two after I came back or else I'd left my prompts to be prompted by proxy as I've done in the past. :((((( But I'm excited because there are super cool prompts.

And [ profile] hd_erised sign-ups open next Friday! Yep, that Friday 28th. ;) ;) ;) It's going to be a blast this year, and I hope to see you there. <3
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2017-07-05 05:06 pm

See you soon! <3

You know, for someone who barely knows how to put a bit of blush and lipgloss I sure pack a big bag of makeup.

I do this to myself every single time. I'm going on a cruise, when am I even going to wear all this makeup - under the assumption in the next day and a half I even learn how to apply it, is a mystery. But I gotta take it.

I'm off! Well, first shower, then finish packing (surely I need some jumpers, right?) then dinner, then a nap, but then I'm off.

I'll miss you! <333
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2017-07-01 10:11 am

It's almost...

Erised time! \o/

[ profile] hd_erised is a Harry/Draco exchange fest
It's first come, first served, so be there to sign-up on July 28th (9AM EDT | 2PM BST)
Rules and Guidelines | Pimping Banners
Art by [personal profile] misterwalnut | Banner by [personal profile] capitu
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2017-06-20 10:15 am

Promoting and Reccing. :)

Banner by [personal profile] capitu

Prompting is open at [community profile] party_4_potter! A surprise Birthday Party Draco's organising for Harry. :D I hope I can stop by and leave some yummy prompts soon! Please stop by and help celebrate Harry on his birthday. <3

And some recs from [ profile] hprarefest, which is posting right now! God, I'm so behind with my recs. I have stuff from MONTHS ago that I meant to rec and yet – lamo is me. But I'm trying to do better, so here I offer some Rare Pair goodies.

Multi-ship slash recs. Including: Harry/Draco, Albus/Scorpius, Snape/Draco, and Ginny/Luna. )

And don't forget to leave some love for the authors, man. Artists and writers ROCK. They deserve all our love, no? Come on! :D
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2017-06-01 10:09 am

Prompting is Open at Bottom!Draco's Merry-Making Mini Fest!

OMG. It's started! I've been waiting for this! :D

Prompting is open at [ profile] bottom_draco's Draco's Merry-Making Mini Fest! \o/

Art by [personal profile] 8c | Banner by [personal profile] capitu
Prompting Post | Guidelines & Banners

It's basically a glorified comment fest and you should please, please, PLEASE check it out! It's going to be so much fun! \o/

You can prompt anything you want, any pair you want as long as Draco's part of the main pair. And you can start filling right away, everything is welcome: Drabbles, ficlets, poetry, art, it's all good!

I hope to see you there. <3333 *jumps*
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2017-05-12 10:29 am

Teddy Recs! And new layout.

Finally uploaded my new layout for DW. Check it out: [personal profile] capitu. I think like it. :) I sort of had it for ages but it needed some edits here and there, plus I'm fond of my LJ layout so then I figured, I could totally use it for DW. I'm not sure I'm going to get used to it, but for now, hey. Plus, I'm having a horrible week and at least I have this going for me, new fancy layout. ^^

I've been wanting very much to make a rec post for ages. I also figured there's no better way to improve your mood than sharing some goodies, no? :) These are all sort of Teddy-centred. At least he's half the pair.

4 Next Gen Recs, two Teddy/James and two Teddy/Scorpius. )

Hope you check them out!

And don't forget to stop by [ profile] hp_crossgenfest! Claiming is still Open over there. <3

Oh, oh! I totally forgot. Author offerings are open at [ profile] hp_podfic_fest! This basically mean you offer your stories (as many or as few as you want) for podficcers to read during the fest. It's brilliant! Consider offering some of your gorgeous fic, people! :)
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2017-05-08 03:29 pm

So many things happening!

come join [community profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [personal profile] thilia, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

Claiming is Open at [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!! There's plenty of time to create, with works due all the way in July 17th and the minimum word count is only 1K! GO FOR IT! \o/

[ profile] hd_remix is posting right now and it's been super!

[community profile] hp_shoreofangst is also posting right now! I need to catch up with this fest asap. ^^ The round up of the first week is over here. :)

And [ profile] wand_in_a_knot - the 24 hours Porn Tag Challenge also announced the timeline first tag goes up June 7th!

Good times all around, eh? And how about FRANCE? \o/ It's a good day.
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2017-03-04 09:00 am

Harry Potter Fests 2016

A bit late this year, but better late than never, right? ^^

2016 Harry Potter Fests )

For the 2015 Masterlists you can go here and for only Harry/Draco please check [ profile] vaysh's Harry/Draco Fests in 2016.

And of course, for all current fests [ profile] potterfests is the place to go.

Phew! ^^ I'll add the dates to the fests as soon as they are announced. And if I neglected to include a fest, please, please let me know. I'd love to add it. :)
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2017-02-20 04:40 pm

Lots of recs!

I meant to make a rec post a while back but man, kitchen drama is still a thing so I've been kind of—busy. Never mind. But hey, recs! from [info]daily_deviant and [ profile] hp_kinkfest because obviously there's not enough kink around here. ^^

7 Recs including: Teddy/Scorpius, Sirius/Harry, Harry/Ron/Draco, Millicent/Pansy, James/Al and 2 Draco/Al )

I almost used a ~pornier~ icon. I totally thought it fitting! :D
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2017-02-15 09:30 am

You are amazing. THANK YOU.

Yeah, I'm talking to you. <3

So I had the best birthday. :D I'm going to skip the whole bit where I tell you how depressed and stressed I've been because my kitchen is still not ready. I'm going to skip right over it and tell you how I woke up on Sunday, being away for the weekend, to livejournal notifications telling me how I have the most amazing friends in the history of ever.

I'm not going to even try to pretend I'm embarrassed by the amount of hung!fic and art I got. I'm just going to revel in the fact that my flist knows me so well and roll in that love. *rolls in it*

Seriously, you guys are amazing. I wasn't expecting this. I've had a couple of hard weeks and I honestly wasn't expecting this. Waking up, logging in and see so many messages and posts and gifts it was—I almost have no words, only I have all the words and you're probably tired to hearing but I can't help myself. You guys mean so much to me. You probably think it's just a thing I say, but you have no idea how my life is so much richer and better because you're all part of it.

*flails forever* )
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2017-01-27 09:19 am

Things on a Friday

starf Today I realised I actually stopped smoking! \o/ This is so super! Like, today I thought how it's been weeks since my last cigarette (because I totally fell off and smoked since I first decided to quit) and for the last week or so I haven't thought of buying one more, or how much I miss that first drag of the day and things, which I know sounds disgusting to people who doesn't smoke but those who do (or did) know what I'm talking about. ^^ So yay!

starp So much claiming and prompting going!

And that's all I remember right now. What else is going on that you remember?

starb I think finally LJ is sending notifications? I got one today after, well, I don't really know how long it's been since these haven't been working. But they are back-ish?

Though speaking of LJ, my LJ app hasn't worked in several weeks, is anyone else having the same problem? The app opens and all, but when I try to look at my feed it comes empty. :/ If it's not one thing is another.
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2017-01-16 03:57 pm

Harry Potter Fests 2016

Just a bit late, I admit, but better late than never.

2016 Harry Potter Fests Masterlists )

For the 2015 Masterlists you can go here and for only Harry/Draco please check [ profile] vaysh's Harry/Draco Fests in 2017.

And of course, for all current fests [ profile] potterfests is the place to go.

I've removed the fests that didn't run last year. And I probably missed a couple that did take place, please do let me know and link me! :)
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2017-01-10 10:21 am

Snowflake Challenge Day 9 & 10

I think I'm doing this in pairs. :D But hey, still doing it! I feel very accomplished. I think this 10 days of the Snowflake Challenge alone I've posted more than in a whole month any given time. Sorry? ^^

Moving on. . .

Day 9
Send feedback to two fannish people — they can be anyone you want: a writer who’s made you happy, a moderator of your favorite exchange (not us!), a fanartist you avidly follow… There are so many possibilities. Just let someone know you appreciate their work.

Read more )

Day 10
In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh yeah! Let's talk about Hung!Harry, baby! \o/ )
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2017-01-09 08:23 am
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Snowflake Challenge: Day 8

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 8
In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Ah, this was a very hard one, and I'm sure it's supposed to be. :D

Read more )
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2017-01-07 09:46 am
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Snowflake Challenge: Day 6 & 7

Two days in one! These two days were hard. ^^

Day 6
In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

wishes )

Day 7
In your own space, create a fanwork. Make a drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. Arts and crafts. Draft a critical essay about a particular media. Put together a picspam or a fanmix. Write a review of a Broadway show, a movie, a concert, a poetry reading, a museum trip, a you-should-be-listening-to-this-band essay. Compose some limericks, haikus, free-form poetry, 5-word stories. Document a particular bit of real person canon. Take some pictures. Draw a stick-figure comic. Create something. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

create something )
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2017-01-05 10:21 am

Snowflake Challenge, Day 5: RECS!

Yes! I knew the day to rec was coming and I was READY! :D

And so for my rec day at the Snowflake Challenge I'm catching up with [info]daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas! Four recs including: Harry/Teddy, Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ron & one Teddy/James art! :)

Read more )
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2017-01-04 05:27 pm
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Snowflake Challenge, Day 3 & 4

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 3: goals & Day 4: Interact with someone [new] )

Feels a bit odd posting so often, very challenging for me. It's funny because I'm clearly very nearly always around. At least I get to use all these icons, eh? ^^